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Whether working from home or updating your profile, it’s easier to get it done when you have a desk that works for you. Our computer desks come in different sizes to fit wherever you have space and give you plenty of room for paperwork and cables. Working from home or updating your profile? It’s easier to get things done when you have a desk that works for you. Whether it's a standing desk, laptop stand, or traditional corner desk, we have everything you need to feel comfortable and professional while you work.

Browse our range of desk combinations online at IKEA, including corner desks. Shop online and in-store. Whether you’re working from home, unlocking new game levels or putting in hours at the office, desks and computer desks are essential for tackling tasks and we have lots to choose from.

Art studio deskcabinet -- the IVAR combo that IKEA didn't think of We live in a tiny apartment, so my studio space is tucked into a corner of the kitchen.

04.08.2019 · Are you wondering if the Ikea Micke corner desk you’ve just spotted in the shop is a piece of furniture you’re going to love? Choosing furniture is always a difficult decision; even when it.</plaintext> Desks to help you get down to business. Whether you’re working from home, unlocking new game levels or putting in hours at the work, office desks, computer desks, reception desks and conference tables are by. DIY Desk Combo The desks at IKEA definitely come at a perfect price, but sometimes they’re lacking that wow factor. Combine an IKEA desk and a laptop table to make one ultra-functional workspace. Give both pieces a coat of gold paint, and you’ve got the desk of your Pinterest dreams. via Chic Street Style.</p> <p>IKEA Family price LINNMON / ALEX Table, 150x75 cm €86 01.12.19 - 31.12.19 or while stocks last Regular price €91 More options available KULLABERG Desk, 110x70 cm €130 MICKE Desk, 105x50 cm €60 More options available. Gather around the table and hear the family news, play a game, help with homework or set your stuff down. With our tables in a wide range of sizes and styles, you’ll find one that fits whatever you want to do in whatever space you have. 10.11.2016 · There are endless possibilities of what you can create with IKEA furniture. With that being said, this is my IKEA Desk Hack/Setup Project. 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