Angie Baer

Angie is a flower lover, farm wife and earthbound mermaid.  I am an island girl from Puerto Rico living in Midwest.  I am a retired Army officer and military spouse, doggie momma, full-time stepmother of three, and a fitness and food enthusiast. 

In 2015 I married my husband, a handsome crop farmer from Minnesota.  We met in the Army and now we are living the country life dream.  Life in SE Minnesota was quite a change for me (especially the winters) but I have come to love this state and the people who live here.  They do not call it "Minnesota Nice" for no reason. 

I grew up as a city girl but always had a love for country living, so this was an easier transition for me than everybody thought.  I love the quietness, the friendliness of our neighbors, our close knit community, the breathtaking sunsets, the planted fields that go for as long as the eye can see, the fresh breath and everything else country life has to offer.