Post Run Thirst Quencher: Coconut, Dragon Fruit + Blueberry Smoothie Bowl


When will summer get here?  It seems like it has lasted an eternity and I am ready for some warmer weather.  How do I know? Not only am I celebrating any warming up but I am craving tropical flavors from my beautiful land.  This past week I survived on juices and smoothie bowls (not the calorie bomb ones, though) and thank goodness for it.  I needed it. I need both vitamin C and vitamin sea… I just miss home so much.  But also, we cranked up the mileage for the half marathon training with my first long run.  It was painful but y'all, I shaved 1 minute of my average mile time and that was just worth celebrating!

The thing about smoothie bowls is that you have to be careful just like smoothies or you will end up with a calorie bomb of epic proportions. I normally tend to keep mine to a minimum but increasing the veggie content as well as staying with a fairly low calorie base like coconut water.  But sometimes you just need creaminess and low fat coconut milk works beautifully.  I also stay away, or use only in moderation, high caloric toppings like shredded coconut flakes, dried fruits, and tons of nuts and seeds.

For this version I used some toppings in moderation—but who am I kidding? After a day of cleaning the house, this was just what I needed. And it was delicious! I hope you like it!


¼ cup coconut milk (my favorite is Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk)

½ cup frozen blackberries

½ cup frozen chopped dragon fruit pulp

½ frozen chopped banana

Toppings: pepitas, berries, dragon fruit (you can really add anything you want)

Steps: In a Vitamix or food processor, combine all the ingredients until you have a blitz that resembles a thicker smoothie.  Serve and top with favorite toppings.


Let the frozen fruit thaw for a few minutes before putting in the processor.  It will make it easier.

Place the bowl you will be serving in the refrigerator to get cold; it will help the smoothie to stay colder while you eat.

For a fancy presentation, use the skins of the dragon fruit as a boat to serve the smoothie bowl.  It will be fabulous!

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