What's Blooming + Fall Planting Planning

Fall planting is just around the corner and I am excited!  I have to say that this summer season has been very trying for me.  So much rain has created more work for me especially trying to keep the dahlias from developing pests and mold.  I have had to be very vigilant with the pests.  I started noticing a few ants on the dahlias and upon research learned that they are usually present because they are farming for other insects, usually aphids.  This made my heart sink.  Upon inspection, I could not find any aphids.  So I started treating the plant with an organic spray for pests and my trusty hose—spraying those suckers away.  This combination seems to be working but even like that, I am vigilant.

And so we find ourselves at the beginning of August and I have yet to have any of the dahlias bloom although they developed more lateral stems after I topped them (a heartbreaking moment in a dahlia grower’s life) and buds are starting to pop.  Looks like Chilson’s Pride will be the first one to bloom! 

But while, we keep tending these, other plants are flowering around the garden.  One of our goals this year was to plant more pollinator friendly plants.  We purchased pollinator-friendly blends and went to our local extension office to get native seeds and the results are starting to show. From scabiosa to Queen Ann’s lace and wild flowers, all are attracting bees and butterflies. 

I also planted a new rose bush this year, and just like the one planted last year, it looked like touch and go for a while and then suddenly started blooming insanely.Now interestingly, these miniature roses go through a transformation.  They start as cream colored buds, then coral as they are opening.  Then they turn cream color with coral speckles before they turn coral pink.  It makes for an interesting display.  This is now dubbed the little bush that could part II.

The day lilies are still exploding in their stunning peach color and make for great contrast around the pine trees where they are planted.  And last but not least, the kind of summer—the sunflower.  I do not grow them but I live in a farming community where sharing is caring and on Saturday, these mammoth beauties were given to me.  They are gorgeous if you ask me. J

But back to fall planting.  This year I am going outside my comfort zone because ever since I moved to Minnesota from North Carolina (two COMPLETELY hardiness zones) I have not planted in the fall for the Spring.  But this year I am and excited with my choices.  Here they are:

Anemone de Caen ‘The Bride’

Tulip ‘Angelique’

Tulip ‘Apricot Parrot’

Daffodils ‘Pink Champagne’

Daffodils ‘Replete’

Daffodils Naturalizing Landscapers Mix

What about you? What exciting new thing are you planting in the fall to delight you in Spring?